A wide variety of superb and top grade seafood products certainly could not missed. Catch of the Sea offers a big range of shellfish and fish across different origins of the globe, we ensure each one of them is strictly examined and chosen before any launches. The Shrimp ranges from Tiger to Sea White and to Vannamei with a whole variety of cuts. Moreover, we provide an exciting line of fish fillets catered all different gourmet dishes. We are determined and confident that Catch of the Sea would fulfill your high demands and requirements, and would bring numerous excitements and surprises at any moment in the near future.

Our wonderful cheeses are made from the milk of Belgium and UK cows. They are 100% pasteurized and 100% dairy, meaning no greasy feel or powdery sensation unlike other factories that use cheap fillers like vegetable oil and potato starch. We carry a wide range of cheese products to suit your need. From thin cut mozzarella, thick cut mozzarella, to block cheeses and even our vegan cheese, we have a wide and full range suitable for your needs. We carry a full range of mozzarella, cheddar, mixed, Edam and emmental cheeses in shredded and block forms for whatever your need may be.

Our olive oils are produced in Bari, southern Italy, where it is warmer and has more sun leading to bigger and juicier olives. These makes our olive oils have a richer and more exquisite and nutty taste. Our oil was even picked by a group of chefs from a notable 6 star hotel in a blind taste test. The 6 star hotel has kept using our extra virgin since the initial taste test 15 years ago. All of our olives are handpicked and olives that are too young or mature are discarded leading to a superior tasting olive oil. Whether it be extra virgin, pomace or a more neutral tasting oil like sunflower seed oil we have the perfect oil for you.

Our renowned brand of truffle products hail from the heart of Italy, the fine quality of truffles are primarily harvested from region of Umbria. Our range of truffle based products are produced with respect to the tradition and reserved artisan methods, and only genuine ingredients are utilized without preservatives, antioxidants and additives. With a successful and rich history of over 30 years, the operations and status have not deviated and are still standing strong until this day in the sector.

With a history of 65 years, Gianni Negrini is certainly one of our best cured and smoked meat producers, if not the best. This particular producer brings meticulous and sophisticated emphasis on research and innovation while respecting the traditions.

For the past five generations, the prestigious brand has been proud of its passion which renders the unique flavour and standard to have been able to be strictly maintained for high quality cured meats that are concentrated at the Modena area of

Our dependable and consistent Italian cheese line hails from the province of Mantua. Our producer is not only reputable for producing the world’s two most famous hard cheeses, Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano, but also other dairy products that are essential for the daily consumption of households and businesses. Our producer is the sole Italian Union that’s certified DOP for both Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano due to the existence of their.

Our tomato products from the land of Puglia, where the sun, drip irrigation and soil grow a sweet, juicy and meaty tomato. Grown with passion by farmers who personally select the best ones, they are taken four hours after harvest to be
transformed into our tomato products to ensure maximum freshness. Our tomato products are natural with no additives and preservatives as well as no added water. For eco-friendly people we also offer it in an environmentally friendly foil bag. This helps to reduce tin scraps and opening of the tin time as it uses a simple twist cap to open and close.

Many of our clients choose our deep frying canola oil owing the 4 strengths we have over most other deep frying oils on the market 1. Non GMO product, our oil is guaranteed to be made with 100% Non GMO products. 2. Anti-Oxidant added, due to the fact that our canola oil has an Anti-Oxidant agent our oils cook cleaner and last longer before turning brown. 3 Anti-Foaming agent added, as well we have an anti-foaming agent in our canola oil to ensure that even when cooked in high temperatures and repeated use the amount of foam is kept to a minimum. This is a clear advantage as much of the complaints of regular deep frying oil is the foam and bubbling is eliminated. 4. High smoke point, our deep frying oil has been tested to have smoke point of 230 degrees Celsius, which means that it can fry at higher temperatures without the kitchen smoking up or having a heavy smoke smell. There is a huge cost saving involved when using our oils as many clients report that the usage time is 50% or even 100% more than their old frying oils. This also has the added benefit of reducing changing time of oil as it lasts longer and is more environmentally friendly